Saturday, February 28, 2015

Red Chair (continued)

After the chair holders meeting Red settled on the patio in front of the Lodge in the sun. Overlooking the river Red imagined fisherman wading out to cast out a fly, ...watching rafters with water guns spraying each other and see kayakers floating by. "This patio must be a supreme spot to have dinner on  when the health food restaurant will be open for business this summer", Red thought. "Or just to relax with a glass of beer, brewed here on site, after a day of travel and socializing with other guests. Or how about having a wedding here, a family reunion, a management team building course or seminar? As a chair of hospitality the possibilities just seems to be endless to me"!
Submerged in these positive thoughts Red leaned back to let the late winter early spring sun blushing his already reddish paint.

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