Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring preparation

Well, here we are! A shipload of snow in the mountains, a weather change for the better, and a lot of work to do. Fisherman's weekend (April 26th) coming up with hobnobbing at the boat show next door at the Eagle Rock Lodge, as a kick off for the fishing season. It looks like we have a bigger draw to guided fly-fishing on the river this year, since many of the lakes are snow blocked and inaccessible for fisherman.
In the meantime we prepare ourselves for a new paint job on the Lodge and cabins. We are looking forward to new colors on the cedar shakes and fresh painted eve's and trim. Hopefully the weather helps us out to have this done before our annual BBQ party on Saturday the 28th of June. The preparations are in full swing. We are celebrating and commemorating the Inn's being in business for 30 years, it will be a big event. It all starts around 4.00 PM. The McKenzie River inn will be providing gifts, music, salmon, ribs & chicken as well our usual wine tasting featuring award winning wines by Al de Klerk. If you are interested in joining make sure you RSVP at 541 822 6260.