Monday, March 31, 2014

It was the butler?

It really feels like a Monday today. Started off with answering e-mails and messages from people who were not able to attend last Saturdays Murder Mystery. After that it was time to spend on social media and working together with Travel Lane County on a Sweepstakes special called McKenzie River Getaway. Then allocating time to do repairs and maintenance and projects. Now at tea-time things are shaping up for this spring and summer with booking trips for fly fishing and rafting. Earl Grey is still one of my favorites!

What a great outcome we had Saturday at our first Murder Mystery, Hubertina really shines! We needed at least eight attendees and ended up with twice as much, Thank you all for coming and for your positive regards. I had a lot of fun meeting all of you and filming this event. If I find some time for editing I'll post it on the web!

Oh, ...for the ones who couldn't get to the who done it was the butler..........I think!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


We still have a few spots open for the Murder Mystery this coming are you waiting for?

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Oh my, Hubertina's creative mind has been working overtime. What I see here stacked in my living room is an enormous pile of paraphernalia to be used in next weeks Murder Mystery. I'm all excited helping her setting up when we get closer to the 29th. After all spring break is actually meant for kids, but not for kids only!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Murder at the Inn

       Hosted by Hubertina     
Murder Mystery with dinner
March 29th

Murder at the  Inn

Who is dead?
We will re enact what happened those last days between the 2 sisters at the Historic Inn and try to find the truth. Do the dead relatives harbor any clues? We will investigate. What are the voices or noises at night?

Is there something sinister about the new innkeeper? Was the secret passed on to her? What did she find in the fireplace when she re opened the Inn? 


Joe Devenshire
Ellie Vanderbuilt
Annalisa Devore
Bert Deshirt

Arrive Friday afternoon and get acquainted with our extra guests.
Check out early clues. 
Mystery starts at 2PM Sat includes dinner for 35.00 per person.
This is the day fee.
Overnight lodging is season rate per night, double occupancy