Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Autumn leaves?

      It has been an incredible busy summer with absolute gorgeous weather at the McKenzie River Inn as well for Bert's Guide Service. This summer has been filled with new and familiar faces, events and classes and above all the wonderful world of hospitality. What a great way to meet so many people from all over the world and from so many backgrounds. Ellie was tremendous in hosting all of our Living Social guests last spring and cooking all those delicious breakfasts. Thanks to her we have great reviews from all of you!

      If there is a time to reminisce we wouldn't miss out of any of you visiting us time after time or meet those for the first time. There's not always the occasion to talk and thank anyone of you for coming to our spot on this magnificent river as well to those who did rafting and fishing with Bert and his guide service, so we like to take this opportunity to say thank you!

    This last weekend we did have our annual fruit fest. We haven't had apples and pears from our orchard to roll out the apple press to squeeze gallons of juice in the previous two years and had to grab apples from a local farm. But this year we had the fruit. Friends, family and neighbors came over to help out with putting apples in the hopper, to handle the press or to filter the coarse particles out of the cider or just to want a taste of the fresh pressed juice. 2012 gave us 67 gallons and Hubertina spent days in the kitchen canning pears that will find their way to the breakfast table in the winter time and next spring. The following day we did rafting with Bert's Guide Service on the upper McKenzie from Paradise to Bruckart boat landing and everyone had a blast soaking up the sun and get splashed on with the McKenzie's pristine water. 
    Currently we have two pair of King salmon spawning in front of our Inn and many guest are in awe watching these magnificent species. It's biology at it's best. All in all a great way to end a perfect September weekend.

    October is starting off with the same sunny conditions, now all we need to do is hope for an Indian summer.............are those autumn leaves falling?