Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Yeah, we all have that feeling.... October?? What happened? Did this summer fall short, ... was it not so hot or is an Indian summer on it's way? Either way, the kids are back in school and the salmon are spawning. It must be that fall is around the corner. Yes, July was colder and more wet than June and business was slow, but here came August. Some of the highlights: - the Reppert/Weinberg bi-annual family reunion took place with even more participants then before, but even that week with Bocce ball, rafting, golf and great food was over before we knew it. Came September. Sure we had a great rafting adventure with a group of people from the Leatherman company from Portland which was awesome, because I met again with James Schmidt and his family and I hooked up with some great people, Tanya and Tim Moomey, relatively new guides on the river, from TnT White Water Rafting and what a blast we had going through Martin Rapids four times in succession.
So here we are, August and September made up for July regarding over night bookings and October is just a couple of days shy from changing the calendar.
Earlier this week I heard on the radio, I 'm sure it was on OPB, that scientists discovered 'new' sub-atomic particles that can travel faster than light. Although this need to be verified by the scientific community it would make a big impact since it would throw over Einstein's theory that nothing can travel faster than light and therefore time travel is not possible. But if this is true and scientifically established and those particles are faster than light, ....well, ...can we than go back to June 2011?  For I just loved this summer with all its weather idiosyncrasies and those many guests we saw coming back to our spot on the river and all those rafting and fishing trips I have been doing with so many people, young and less young, familiar and new!