Sunday, January 10, 2016

January and then?

Where do I begin, well Happy New Year if I didn't do that already!
2015, record breaking in high temperatures and drought then in precipitation, El Niño, snow in November, great! Then Christmas came and went and here we are looking up and facing a new year with new challenges and expectations. 2016, that clock never stops!
Kids in 8th and 6th grade and towering towards me and probably surpassing soon. The Inn did fabulous last year and the Café is a big succes. I'm still guiding and taking clients down the river either in raft of driftboat.
Guests picked up on the 50% discount offer we ran in December and several guests already redeemed  their coupon. This morning we served garden medley omelets, yesterday our famous Belgium Hazelnut waffels. This is a great start of this New Year and February 14th on Valentines day we reopen the Crescent Moon Café for dinner from Thursday through Sunday 4 - 8 PM.
So, what are you up to?