Friday, August 7, 2015

Patio dining

We didn't have an idea when we started Crescent Moon Café that the patio would be the most wanted place to dine. With the very high temperatures we experienced this year we almost expected that customers would be more drawn into the air-conditioned dining room ...and there is were we obviously underestimated our guests.

We take reservations for we had to turn away so many people that came in at the same time in the first week, between 6.30 pm and 7.30. So, we quickly  'got the message'  and set up a reservation system with half an hour slots to be able to guide customers into a fine dining experience and above all 'not to kill the kitchen'.

After two weeks we can rely on more help in the kitchen and on the patio to make things run more smoothly and we have so many positive regards from our customers and recommendations for we are very grateful.
We pride ourselves to bring unique delicious food to the table and enjoy it in a great ambience with astonishing views from the patio of the McKenzie river. The Crescent Moon Café is a great addition to our resort and guests, locals and other visitors don't have to drive up and down the McKenzie river for an affordable and quality dining experience.