Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bugs and falls

My friends Jacob and Geno were here for five days and it was good seeing them back again. Unfortunately they brought a bug with them keeping them in bed for several days occasionally soaking up some sun on the McKenzie River Inn patio. Still they were able to pay a visit at the Koosah and Sahalie falls to enjoy the fast amounts of water accumulated by the rainy days days before and alongside the trail between the falls. They visited the next day the Terwilliger hot springs and later that day Bert's Guide Service provided a scenic float in the McKenzie driftboat from Hamlin to Silver Creek boat landing, which was very much appreciated. Bert also cooked an Indonesian dinner for both to accompany the mutual exchanged stories and shared memories about band members in the several rock bands Jacob and Bert used to play in, the tennis matches, the developments in the old country, family matters and of course wine from our beloved Rolling Bay Winery. Because that is what make friends so important, ...forgotten stashed away events in your memory banks resurface and they put a smile on your face especially when you say: "O yeah, now I remember, ...I almost forgot about it!"
Hopefully Jacob and Geno will make it back the the McKenzie River Inn soon, with loads of other subjects and memories and ...without that bug!

Friday, May 9, 2014

For cast: Showers with Friends

River is rising fast with these showers! I have my friends Jacob and Geno over for five days. They are from Santa Rosa California and for Geno it is the first visit to the McKenzie River Inn. Hopefully in the next couple of days I can free up some time to show them around and do a trip on the McKenzie, either in the driftboat or raft.
Still have good vibes about my trip to Seattle and Rolling Bay Winery on Bainbridge Island last weekend. Was also impressed by the restoration of the railway station in Seattle, What a great job!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wooden Boats and Kings Day!

What a great weekend it was. As it has been for the last eight years the 9th edition of the Wooden Boat Festival was a excellent occasion the meet again with colleagues, friends, neighbors. Once more it was difficult to go around and take a look at all the boats displayed since I bumped again and again into someone I haven't talked to for some time or even years. The kids had a great time going around and eat a burger or catching up with everyone. Isabelle was able to stop by the Cascade Family FlyFishers and tied a couple of flies (I see a business opportunity here).
Sunday morning we took off to Portland for the celebration of the first Dutch Kings Day. A three hour event full with Dutch food, like raw haring (my favorite), french fries (the Dutch way) Indonesian Saté (pork or chicken on a thin skewer marinated in spices and herbs) Dutch pancakes and even Dutch beer. April ended really well!