Saturday, December 11, 2010

As Christmas is approaching we also have to get things ready for after the Holidays. The big walnut tree that lines the drive way across the log cabin begs for a trim. Many 'runners' go vertical up from the main branches forming quite a load, especially with snow. Boat, fishing- and rafting gear needs to be cleaned and stored and here and there replaced, painted or otherwise maintained. Did I mentioned carpet? We can't replace it all at one time, but I really need take out the one that is an eyesore (actually for my eye's) for some time now and bring in some new colors and higher quality. Those are just a few things that comes to my mind knowing that this month of December makes me read an extra book and pull out that nice bottle of wine that is waiting in the cellar and ready to be opened, and sit in front of the fireplace and know we are going to lift these chores over the Holidays. Sounds like a very good new years resolution to me!!...Happy Holidays!