Sunday, January 19, 2014

Floating down the McKenzie river in Oregon

Great January weather, an astonishing 52 degrees! Okay it was 22 degrees when I came up this morning and I slept in until 7.30 AM! Yesterday a really nice fishing trip on the lower part, below the Leaburg dam, with water levels below average, but great hatches of aquatic insects as the Blue Winged, Midges, Little Brown Stonefly. Had two wonderful clients from Veneta on board, one celebrating his 40 birthday, congrats Walt! Besides of a handful of serious bites the fishing was slow ...but the weather and scenery and great company made up for it. This is a very enjoyable way to get out on the water in the death of winter and experience the McKenzie with no crowds and plenty of wildlife as we watched a river otter foraging along the riverbank and several Osprey and even a few trouts jumping out of the water.  2013 was a very good season for and 2014 made a great start for another.