Saturday, June 18, 2011

Water safety

If there is one thing I enjoyed tremendously this week it has been doing a presentation at the Cooper Mountain school in Beaverton, Oregon for third graders. Divided into two groups of about 75 students each I had a captivated audience so open minded and inquisitive about the use of lifejackets this summer during water activities. It makes me rethink the language to use when composing questions. In an answer to one of my questions:- "What kind of bodies of water do we know?" I've got a small dissertation about this kids body and how it was made out of this precious water. 
It also made me realize that the teachers, who are dedicating their time and efforts, have to use a language that third graders understand all the time. 
Anyhow it was a blast. With the help of my laptop connected to the overhead projector I was able to show pictures and text to emphasize the importance of wearing a life jacket and how important it is to tighten the bottom strap of the jacket and/or having an extra strap attached to the jacket looped between the legs. I threw in a little science by using statistics to show these little fellows the odds of an accident when not wearing one. As an river guide/outfitter I hope it all contribute to a great summer while spending time on beaches, lakes and rivers wearing lifejackets in safe manner.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Many people are thinking this spring in the Pacific North West has been cold and wet. I don't blame them, yes, ...but there have been years that set a record and I don't think this was one of them. Actually I would say this spring made our garden incredible lush and green and full of colors of blooming flowers. The rhododendrons , azalea's, lilacs, snowballs are so voluminous and big and with so many flowers it looks like our yard is on fire.

With weddings coming up next week and summer we called in some help us to get the whole property to look at it's best. Ellie, my innkeeper and sister in law, has made together with Yvette and my wife a tremendous effort to get all the flowerbeds, pathways, sitting area's, trails etc. ready, and it looks fantastic. There's still work to be done, but for now the blend of the manicured and natural area's make this Bed and Breakfast stand out in it's own way.
Last weekend it was gorgeous weather and guests enjoyed the property sitting in lounge chairs watching the river flow by and by walking the river trail that starts at the waterfront. With fresh wood chips on top it will take you into the forest and meanders towards the entrance bypassing many indigenous plants and trees. There's even an old trunk covered with lichens (see picture below: a combination of a fungus and algae) some of them in bloom. It is beautiful and the McKenzie River Inn is shaping up for summer.