Monday, March 10, 2008

Law conference

For a second year in a row the McKenzie River Inn hosted a wealth of people from March 4th to march 7th. This time for the 26th annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference. The three day event was as spectacular as the people themselves. We had the pleasure to share idea's and gather the long lost wisdom from elder Americans about the many topics that concern so many of us. From compelling a climate of change to the reduction of our carbon footprint, workshops, panels, scientists, activists and other participants yielded an abundance of energy, innovation and inspiration for all who attended.
On a personal note I have learned these four days a great deal about the implications of the destruction, pollution and the vast changing of the ancestral lands of the indigenous people (who are and have been living in harmony with their natural surroundings with respect for all forms of life) and how they have to deal with the protection of their communities from these environmental changes.

With contributions of the Native Forest Council (thanks Tim ) and Infraspect (thanks William) a salmon dinner was prepared by Ellie, our innkeeper, and myself at the main lodge on the day of our guests arrival. We all could enjoy each others company while exchanging expertise and insights not only within the political realm of climate change but also in conjunction with finding solutions from the social and ecological angle. Despite that the perception of developments in environment law is no light material it was obvious that our guests were able to enjoy our facilities and setting at the river. We found ourselves fortunate enough to have such great guests and to host and meet people from all over the country. The overall sound of all the different voices was for us as pleasing as an overstuffed pillow.