Monday, July 30, 2012


Wow, time flies, I can't believe July is coming to an end, yes, the one with the five weekends!
Of course we had our event and had a great time at the BBQ. We loved the Raptors presentation as well as the Mobil Museum on Mr. Donald MacKenzie's History. The information from the museum was comprehensive and very informative. In the spirit of Oregon with the rain we raised $200.00 for the Cascade Raptor Center.  Brian brought along a Saker Falcon normally from Eastern Europe and Asia captured by falconers until their numbers are now diminished. The wine from Rolling Bay Winery (featured in Seattle's Best) was delightful and full of flavor. Alphonse de Klerk, the Wine Maker produces such a variety of reds as an 09' Cuvee' Aldaro, Syrah and whites with crisp taste like Fusion and a Pinot Gris.  Oakshire Brewery had a wonderful selection of beers. These included Amber Ale, Expresso Stout, Watershed IPA to name a few. Of course the food was right out of a Martha Stewart magazine...tender pork ribs, fried chicken, baked fresh salmon with a savory sauce. The music from Outcry97 featuring young artist Isabelle was well worth coming for. She is studying music with her dad Bert and makes a lot of progress. We definitely hope to do another benefit in the future and looking forward to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the McKenzie River Inn next year (second week of July).

Bert has been steady going with fishing and rafting trips and as well with marketing and management consultancy (www.deklerkconsult.
com) and we sometimes wonder if he ever sleeps.

Mid July we had a photo shoot with Bill duff Photography ( mainly to enhance our web site with pictures taken from a photographers insight and expertise. We also met with guests that are coming to our place from the get-go and were very please seeing Dick and Marie Akinson from Portland again. But also new friends made it to our neck of the woods like Peter McKinnon and Nadia and Isabelle's class mate Alex Hilt who stayed with us for six day and enjoyed rafting, fishing and a trip over the lava beds on highway 242 to Sisters.

Yeah, a Month with five weekends can bring a lot of activity with it, but what a great way of getting 
to a mid-summer and anticipating an even busier August.........where is the sun-screen?