Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Living Social!

Wow, ..since February 27th we sold 217 vouchers through Living Social! What a great success and opportunity for all these people that probably never heard about our place or the McKenzie River for that reason. It's a great way to use the marketing tools of Livings Social and get introduced to a bigger audience. Can't say enough about this! The deal closed yesterday and vouchers need to be redeemed before May 31st. Ellie is taking phone calls and e-mails whole day and goes the extra mile of making it possible for everyone to fill in a spot on the reservations agenda. In this light I would like to publish a response of one of our guests when it was tough to get a room booked for them as well for us:

"Good morning,

 I just wanted to let both of you know that we really appreciate your help in resolving this issue. You could have easily said that you weren’t going to budge and that this was just an unfortunate situation, but you went above and beyond to make everything work. We really appreciate that you were willing to be flexible, and we will definitely remember this in the future.

Looking forward to coming down in April!

Thanks again".

Jason M.