Wednesday, February 22, 2012

There's something going on!

The day-lilly's are sticking out above the soil for more then 8 inches, fresh green leaves on the Indian Plum, birds are singing their songs around the bird feeders and guests are reserving rooms and cabins or inquire for a having a wedding end of summer. This day in February shows 55 degrees on the thermometer.
Thoughts creeping up in my mind about March last year, when we had waterlogged snowfall taking out trees and many branches. Are we awaiting a similar faith this year? Till so far this winter has been mild in appearance although the mountains are snow loaded caused by the tremendous rain showers in January. La Nina, was said last fall by experts, would cause a cold February and March. Well.., blame it on the girl, if people have a sense of spring and are planning ahead for a stay at our place on the McKenzie, I'll be perfectly fine with it!