Friday, August 15, 2008


Early this morning swarms of Mayflies above the grapes danced their way into reproduction. At the waterfront guests sipping their coffee at one of the picnic tables while enjoying the river view. I walk around with my point and shoot camera trying to capture the new paint job on the lodge and cabins. After all I like to show off the results on this blog. Hubertina did a fabulous job putting the color combination together and the feedback from guests has been great so far. So has been the quality and flexibility of our paint contractor who went the extra mile adding trim pieces and doing shingle repair. Thanks Virgil (, also for being creative with the shop doors and your help putting up gutters! It really shows!
After yesterdays hot weather we are in for a new one. Over a hundred degrees! Last time I wrote a posting about our annual BBQ party I reported something similar. Today we experience a nice breeze though, making it more bearable.
I'm making my way into the orchard. A sweet fruity smell welcomes me. I disturb a black tail deer, munching on apples that lay on the ground. We make eye contact and she takes of into the forest. It's going to be later than last year, but we are going to have a huge harvest, the fruit tree's are loaded. Ellie told me a few day's ago she's on her last jar of plum jam for our guests breakfast, reminding me at the same time that we lost two plum tree's this year. Hopefully pressing for apple cider won't be at the same time as the wine crush on Bainbridge island. You have to keep them separated!
I walk past the canopy and take a peek at my drift boat. There is some wear and tear on the chines, but the hull let the under layer of green paint shine and make this old timer look great. This summer I started guiding for myself and James, our web master ( did a great job putting a web site together for my guide service (check out: In June there was some big water in the McKenzie and it was tough getting that nymph to the bottom. I have been enjoying it tremendously and always look forward to the next trip. Alright, with this hot weather we are calling it the "dog days" for a reason, making the fishing really slow, but we also know this weather won't last and can go out and hook a few!
I'm making it back to the drive way and follow the path to the river front. After a two hundred feet I stand in front of the lodge. The darker green paint on the shingles gives it a more distinguished look especially with the white trim, ..I like it, more picture!